Mommy Why

6-1998 Mommy Why Why doesn’t anyone like me? Here I come full circle, Twenty-eight years of loneliness.   Mommy Why, Why doesn’t anyone like me? Don’t they see the pretty,           young girl so pure and sweet? If they treated me well for           one minute of the day, I’d be so loyal, so willing … Continue reading Mommy Why

Being together, once again

7-1986 I know you’re out of reach, “til I’m back at the beach.  Just like when we first met, Knowing it was a sure bet. I remember being married, And now I am buried, In the sand, Hand in hand. With all our hopes and dreams Going down the streams One leaving and one staying, … Continue reading Being together, once again

One Day I’ll Find You

1986 One day I'll find you, Moonlight behind you. And we will walk that path once again. Going through all those things We have gone before, Not knowing at all what it is for. All I know is that we will walk that path  once again, like before.

She Was My Mother, Bless Her Soul

an old paper/presentation from my Speech class at SMC, 1996..... Growing up in an alcoholic home has been characterized as similar in stress to being in the Nazi Concentration Camps of WWII, according to Dr. Vaillant. Alcoholism is like living with an air raid a day says authors, Middleton - Moz & Dwinell. Under these conditions … Continue reading She Was My Mother, Bless Her Soul