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Just in time for the holidays - enter to win 1 of 2 signed copies of Evolving to Grace.  Evolving to Grace is a memoir about perseverance, strength, spiritual evolution, and the choices one must make to change one’s path. I share my life’s experiences, my journey—finding my way out of darkness—discovering hope, positivity, strength, … Continue reading Book Giveaway

You Can Choose

You can choose to stay in the hurt and pain. You can choose to remain angry. You can choose to be like them. You can choose to continue victimizing yourself. You can choose to live in the negative. You can choose to throw it all away.        Or, You can choose to live … Continue reading You Can Choose

Do What You Love

One thing I don't share about me too often  is one of my passions - photography. It's been something I've been loving and doing since about the age of 6. It brings me happiness and it is 1 of the things I actually think I am good at.     I believe we all should … Continue reading Do What You Love

The pain can stop, if you just hold on.

Years ago, what seems like lifetimes ago, I tried killing myself a few times. I wanted the pain to end. I wanted the life I had to end. But, what I really wanted was a new life, a different life than the one I had. It's all about change and the choices one must make … Continue reading The pain can stop, if you just hold on.

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R.I.P. Chester Bennington

Two days and I am sitting in my motel room crying, weeping. After I heard the news I was shocked and cried, but for 2 days I went on with my days in disbelief, numb, heartbroken, in a fog.  I've been known to be "sensitive", like it was a bad thing to be. What I've … Continue reading R.I.P. Chester Bennington

Pre-Graduating Day!!

What a rollercoaster ride of emotions today. I'm experiencing soon one of my happiest and proudest days of my life ~ my son will be graduating from UCLA tomorrow with a Bachelor's degree in Psychology and a minor in Music Industry. It has been one amazing journey to get here with the struggles, disappointments, challenges, … Continue reading Pre-Graduating Day!!

Ode to Court today, 5/23/2017

As I sit here, next to you  I think of all these moments of time. The moments of my life, so long ago. My life was adventurous. My life had promise. My life had excitement of new loves, new experiences. Not everyone gets to live the high life of fun times in West Hollywood's clubs … Continue reading Ode to Court today, 5/23/2017

Happy Earth Day!

Please be good to Planet Earth! Pick up trash, recycle, don't use plastic, try not to use too much paper. Because this is Planet Earth and we need it! Much love! ❤ #HappyEarthDay  

Why anonymity in recovery?

So, recently I finally asked the question - why be anonymous in support groups for AA, Alanon, Alateen, and other recovery groups? I have been vocal for so many years. At first I shocked many. My family never has liked it. But, after years of doing it and writing my memoir, Evolving to Grace, I … Continue reading Why anonymity in recovery?

Signed Book Giveaway! Enter soon!

Many years ago I had a calling ~ to share my story. As a teenager, I thought I was the only one that was going through what I was going through. But, there are millions out there that have been given a tough life. For those of you, please don't give up. ❤❤ Evolving to … Continue reading Signed Book Giveaway! Enter soon!