More Pics

Montero_esposas_hijos_Lima  Familia Montero Meyerhuber, 1917.
Marie Dolores Messler de Montero (2nd row, 3rd from the left – in white), Ethel Beatriz Montero Messler (sitting on floor), E. Manuel Montero Meyerhuber (2nd from the left) – standing behind his mother, Julia Emilie Meyerhuber.

Raid_aereo_Lima_Pisco_Marzo_1913  Lima/Pisco, Peru. March, 1913.
Marie Dolores de Montero (in all white), Emilio Manuel Montero, Ethel Beatriz Montero standing in front of Juan Manuel’s (Emilio’s brother) plane . Juan Manuel was one of the first aviators and even competed in Chicago, IL.
“J. Ramon Montero, in his Bleriot XI monoplane, Maurice Prevost, in a Deperdussin monoplane, and aviator Ignace Semeniouk, of Mitava, Latvia, gave an international flavor to the proceedings.”

 Clabby Bathhouse, Atlantic City, N.J.
There were different bathhouses over the years. It all started with 1 bathhouse that led to a block of the Atlantic City Boardwalk.

  Clabby Baths, Atlantic City, NJ.

  My Maternal Great-Grandparents.
Marie Dolores Clabby & Emilio Manuel Montero Meyerhuber. He was born in London, educated in NY, she was born in Philadelphia. They fell in love, got married & moved to Peru.

Dr. Gerardo Lozada, Lina Medina, & Gerardo  Dr. Lozada with Lina Medina and son, Gerado

Dr. Lozada and wife, Lima, Peru  The Lozadas.

The Lozadas Ethel Beatriz & Dr. Lozada at their home in Lima.

Maria Dad's mom  Maria (my paternal grandmother)

Ethel  Ethel (maternal grandmother, 1979) in her home.

  Me and my paternal grandmother in Houston.
She still looks lovely in a bathrobe. This is the only picture of us two together.