Ode to Court today, 5/23/2017

As I sit here, next to you  I think of all these moments of time. The moments of my life, so long ago. My life was adventurous. My life had promise. My life had excitement of new loves, new experiences. Not everyone gets to live the high life of fun times in West Hollywood's clubs … Continue reading Ode to Court today, 5/23/2017

Why anonymity in recovery?

So, recently I finally asked the question - why be anonymous in support groups for AA, Alanon, Alateen, and other recovery groups? I have been vocal for so many years. At first I shocked many. My family never has liked it. But, after years of doing it and writing my memoir, Evolving to Grace, I … Continue reading Why anonymity in recovery?

R.I.P. Dad

Rest in peace, Dad (12/9/1933 -12/22/2016) So thankful for who you were and who you evolved to be. "I love you so much, too." My dad was a man who had four girls, me being the youngest. He was a strong, funny, and sometimes quiet man. He was a man who loved football (soccer) and was … Continue reading R.I.P. Dad

Trip back to the hospital to see my dad. 

On the train, back to see my dad. He's still very critical. He was admitted a day before his birthday, December 8th. I went down from Los Angeles to San Diego that Sunday, a few days after and stayed until late Saturday, living in the waiting room or with my mom in his room. Never … Continue reading Trip back to the hospital to see my dad. 

A week later.

Hello lovelies! Just got back home late last night from spending the last week in the hospital with my dad. He's still in icu, still on the ventilator, and still sedated. They found 2 bacteria strains, which is causing his bacterial pneumonia, but they can't understand why his lungs are bleeding. Tests still have yet to … Continue reading A week later.

Lttr to the suffering, hold on.

Dear ones that are suffering, Please hold on. Don't give up. Life will get better. It took me a long time to get to other side of feeling hopeless, like life was always going to be hopeless. I am so beyond happy that I survived to the point I never want to leave this world. PLEASE, seek … Continue reading Lttr to the suffering, hold on.

What Grace means to me

Grace by definition is: simple elegance or refinement of movement or in Christian belief - the free and unmerited favor of God, as manifested in the salvation of sinners and the bestowal of blessings. Besides "Grace" being one of my  birth names, translated from Spanish, Grace has many meanings for me and what I consider Grace … Continue reading What Grace means to me

LGBT – Love is Love

Right before I became a teenager, I was living outside of Houston. It was the early 80's. My two eldest sisters used to run away from our nightmarish home to downtown, where they used to go and hang out with their friends in the clubs. My parents weren't okay with their friends because most of … Continue reading LGBT – Love is Love

I could be labeled

Labels shouldn't exist, but they do. They are things we have done, NOT who we are or who we will become. I could be labeled many things: illegal, ACOA (Adult Child of an Alcoholic), domestic violence survivor, excessive alcohol and drug user, rape victim, assault victim, hitchhiker, high school dropout, call girl, and single mother … Continue reading I could be labeled

A message from me to you

From Me to You, I first started this book twenty years ago after an incident I’d had with my pimp in Hollywood who had worked the streets for ten years before moving the business in-house. It was the night that I first saw how off track my life had veered and I was scared. I … Continue reading A message from me to you

Sometimes Misunderstood

I cannot be put in a box. I am a sum of all my experiences, good and bad. I am a sum of all my experiences I have analyzed or thought of. I am a sum of all my experiences I have yet to experience. I have had money. I have been broke. I have … Continue reading Sometimes Misunderstood