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Ode to Court today, 5/23/2017

As I sit here, next to you  I think of all these moments of time. The moments of my life, so long ago. My life was adventurous. My life had promise. My life had excitement of new loves, new experiences. Not everyone gets to live the high life of fun times in West Hollywood's clubs … Continue reading Ode to Court today, 5/23/2017

What Grace means to me

Grace by definition is: simple elegance or refinement of movement or in Christian belief - the free and unmerited favor of God, as manifested in the salvation of sinners and the bestowal of blessings. Besides "Grace" being one of my  birth names, translated from Spanish, Grace has many meanings for me and what I consider Grace … Continue reading What Grace means to me

Where I am in my life, for now.

It has been many years since I finished Evolving to Grace. Since then, I’ve come a long way from being that woman that was confused by what life was having her go through. I learned that whatever happens to us or the people that come into our lives are all opportunities for us to learn … Continue reading Where I am in my life, for now.

Why “thanks” to Duran Duran

In Evolving to Grace my first dedication is to “DD”- Duran Duran. I wrote briefly in EtG about how I used to listen to their music, dreaming of going on tour with them, photographing them. "MTV had just aired a few years earlier, and punk and New Wave music trends were happening across the country, and … Continue reading Why “thanks” to Duran Duran

A message from me to you

From Me to You, I first started this book twenty years ago after an incident I’d had with my pimp in Hollywood who had worked the streets for ten years before moving the business in-house. It was the night that I first saw how off track my life had veered and I was scared. I … Continue reading A message from me to you

What remains after…

What remains after the butterfly has gone. What remains is sorrow—that I won't have one last kiss. What remains is loneliness—that I won't have one last embrace. What remains is bitterness—that you had to leave me so soon. What remains is guilt—that I wasn't there for you in the end. What remains is disbelief—that you're … Continue reading What remains after…

excerpt – evolving to grace

During our lives, we had received tender touches by my mom at times; all us girls would jump in her bed and have her scratch our backs. We’d have a balance of humor from our dad and actual interaction, like when he’d play with us in the ocean or like that one time we all … Continue reading excerpt – evolving to grace

Evolving to Grace – a memoir

In Evolving to Grace: A story of perseverance, strength, spiritual evolution, and the choices one must make to change one’s path, I share my life’s experiences, my journey—finding my way out of darkness—discovering hope, positivity, strength, happiness and the right path for the life I choose to live. I write about many challenges I've had to face and … Continue reading Evolving to Grace – a memoir


Loneliness is a void in one’s self that everyone feels at some point in their lives. I always felt so alone and at such an early age that it seemed like I was always alone, even when I was playing with my sister or someone. For as long as I can remember, I always felt like … Continue reading Loneliness