Where does our life and journey begin – Peru

Does our life and journey really begin at birth, or does our lineage collide with us to lay the foundation to our journey once we are born? Is our spirit passed on from lifetimes before, making amends, learning, and trying to evolve? I’ve always also felt that generations of my past did influence my upbringing. … Continue reading Where does our life and journey begin – Peru

What Grace means to me

Grace by definition is: simple elegance or refinement of movement or in Christian belief - the free and unmerited favor of God, as manifested in the salvation of sinners and the bestowal of blessings. Besides "Grace" being one of my  birth names, translated from Spanish, Grace has many meanings for me and what I consider Grace … Continue reading What Grace means to me

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What remains after…

What remains after the butterfly has gone. What remains is sorrow—that I won't have one last kiss. What remains is loneliness—that I won't have one last embrace. What remains is bitterness—that you had to leave me so soon. What remains is guilt—that I wasn't there for you in the end. What remains is disbelief—that you're … Continue reading What remains after…

I matter

I’m just another writer, turned author, who hopes to be good enough that someone will like her book, her story. Many that know me may not know this about me and could never imagine the roads I’ve traveled. I was born into a family, at least from one side, that was very privileged. My grandfather … Continue reading I matter

excerpt – evolving to grace

During our lives, we had received tender touches by my mom at times; all us girls would jump in her bed and have her scratch our backs. We’d have a balance of humor from our dad and actual interaction, like when he’d play with us in the ocean or like that one time we all … Continue reading excerpt – evolving to grace

Evolving to Grace – a memoir

In Evolving to Grace: A story of perseverance, strength, spiritual evolution, and the choices one must make to change one’s path, I share my life’s experiences, my journey—finding my way out of darkness—discovering hope, positivity, strength, happiness and the right path for the life I choose to live. I write about many challenges I've had to face and … Continue reading Evolving to Grace – a memoir

He was The Nicest Thing I had ever seen

Excerpt, from Evolving to Grace …… I saw that he was meant to be in my life also because he had some things to teach me, too. I had finally met a man that was sensitive, understanding, trusted me by sharing all the things that he couldn’t to others, would always acknowledge anything good or … Continue reading He was The Nicest Thing I had ever seen

I was just barely 16 & still a virgin when I was raped

Excerpt, from Evolving to Grace A little over a week later, I lost my virginity, technically. I was raped. It is mind boggling what paths my journey took me on when I didn’t make good choices. I never stopped to even think of what I was doing. I shouldn’t have ever had a drink. I … Continue reading I was just barely 16 & still a virgin when I was raped

The Story of Her Life

There are many journeys we all take in our lifetime. Many roads leading us to whom we are destined to become or to the life we are destined to live. Her journey had been a long one, sometimes extremely difficult to emotionally or physically survive from. Her story begins in a different country than she … Continue reading The Story of Her Life

Sometimes Misunderstood

I cannot be put in a box. I am a sum of all my experiences, good and bad. I am a sum of all my experiences I have analyzed or thought of. I am a sum of all my experiences I have yet to experience. I have had money. I have been broke. I have … Continue reading Sometimes Misunderstood