You Can Choose

You can choose to stay in the hurt and pain. You can choose to remain angry. You can choose to be like them. You can choose to continue victimizing yourself. You can choose to live in the negative. You can choose to throw it all away.        Or, You can choose to live … Continue reading You Can Choose

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Many years ago I had a calling ~ to share my story. As a teenager, I thought I was the only one that was going through what I was going through. But, there are millions out there that have been given a tough life. For those of you, please don't give up. ❤❤ Evolving to … Continue reading Signed Book Giveaway! Enter soon!

I am an immigrant 

​This is the face of an immigrant. Our family came over from Peru in the early 70's. Like many Hispanics and immigrants, we came over for a better life, better education. All I know is this country. All I have ever known is to be American, even when I was still technically Peruvian. We are … Continue reading I am an immigrant 

I am a Modern Muse! I am completely honored.

I was so honored and touched that UGauGrrl nominated me for their Modern Muse. Ugaugrrl sets to Inspire, Empower, and make an Impact. UGauGrrl's mission is to inspire every woman and girl to recognize the muse within herself and empower her to find her purpose so that she can make her singular impact on the … Continue reading I am a Modern Muse! I am completely honored.

Spiritual Beauty

She was a girl of abuse She was a girl of silence Those tears were hidden behind those sad eyes But, one day she found beauty Beauty in the sky Beauty in the trees Beauty in the birds Beauty in the lady bugs Beauty in all things Even beauty in hurt and pain because through … Continue reading Spiritual Beauty

A Bike Ride in Santa Monica

Last weekend I decided to take my bike out for one of my rides. The weather had cooled down and I had been back to the gym. I thought to myself, I can do this! I can power through 15+miles and conquer the slops on the boulevard for a bike ride, and just maybe I can slide in the Santa … Continue reading A Bike Ride in Santa Monica

Lttr to the suffering, hold on.

Dear ones that are suffering, Please hold on. Don't give up. Life will get better. It took me a long time to get to other side of feeling hopeless, like life was always going to be hopeless. I am so beyond happy that I survived to the point I never want to leave this world. PLEASE, seek … Continue reading Lttr to the suffering, hold on.

Who Tupac is to me

There is so much more to what the media said about Tupac Shakur. I was shown a great side of him that I treasure to this day. He was euphoric and it penetrated off of him, onto you. He was more interested about you and what was going on with you, than any of his … Continue reading Who Tupac is to me

Evolving – 1yr. older

As I drove over to Silverlake through downtown L.A. seeing the skyscrapers and mountains in the horizon I thought of every achievement I had accomplished over the years. I had overcome a not so perfect childhood that was intertwined with alcoholism, abuse, and love. I had somehow not let the fact that my virginity was stripped … Continue reading Evolving – 1yr. older

My lowest point in my life.

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