R.I.P. Dad

Rest in peace, Dad (12/9/1933 -12/22/2016) So thankful for who you were and who you evolved to be. "I love you so much, too." My dad was a man who had four girls, me being the youngest. He was a strong, funny, and sometimes quiet man. He was a man who loved football (soccer) and was … Continue reading R.I.P. Dad

Trip back to the hospital to see my dad. 

On the train, back to see my dad. He's still very critical. He was admitted a day before his birthday, December 8th. I went down from Los Angeles to San Diego that Sunday, a few days after and stayed until late Saturday, living in the waiting room or with my mom in his room. Never … Continue reading Trip back to the hospital to see my dad. 

Making amends before it’s too late. 

Sorry I have been MIA. I came down to San Diego on Sunday. I had received news that my dad was being put on a ventilator. He had been admitted a few days prior, unfortunately the day before his 83rd birthday. As many of you that have read my book know, I haven't had the … Continue reading Making amends before it’s too late. 

November 14th – 5 years later

It is amazing that it has been 5 years since you went away. I feel like it was yesterday that it was the last time I saw you. We were sitting in my car and you were telling me how hard every morning was because of the disappointment you felt that you let everyone down … Continue reading November 14th – 5 years later

1st page of Evolving to Grace 

1st page of Evolving to Grace. Chapter 1 - Threats from a Pimp "Excuse Me—Press Rewind" Available on Amazon in print and ebook (Kindle). If you don't have a Kindle, no problem. Just download the software for free to read any kindle book on any device, click here. Life can be a roller-coaster ride for some … Continue reading 1st page of Evolving to Grace 

September the 13th

RIP, Lily (25yrs ago) and Tupac (20yrs ago). Such amazing souls and very similar. Enthusiastic, happy, fun loving friends of mine that were appreciative for the moments life was giving them. Lily, you changed my life. Tupac, you said things I needed to hear at a very lonely time. Thank you both for coming into my life … Continue reading September the 13th

Who Tupac is to me

There is so much more to what the media said about Tupac Shakur. I was shown a great side of him that I treasure to this day. He was euphoric and it penetrated off of him, onto you. He was more interested about you and what was going on with you, than any of his … Continue reading Who Tupac is to me

What remains after…

What remains after the butterfly has gone. What remains is sorrow—that I won't have one last kiss. What remains is loneliness—that I won't have one last embrace. What remains is bitterness—that you had to leave me so soon. What remains is guilt—that I wasn't there for you in the end. What remains is disbelief—that you're … Continue reading What remains after…

Tonight – 7/23/15

It's been 1347 days since you've been gone and I cried tonight. I miss you just as much as before. It's because of you that I've carried on. It's because of you that I finished a dream of mine. You inspired me. You motivated me. You taught me so much. I wish you were here. … Continue reading Tonight – 7/23/15

He was The Nicest Thing I had ever seen

Excerpt, from Evolving to Grace …… I saw that he was meant to be in my life also because he had some things to teach me, too. I had finally met a man that was sensitive, understanding, trusted me by sharing all the things that he couldn’t to others, would always acknowledge anything good or … Continue reading He was The Nicest Thing I had ever seen

I was just barely 16 & still a virgin when I was raped

Excerpt, from Evolving to Grace A little over a week later, I lost my virginity, technically. I was raped. It is mind boggling what paths my journey took me on when I didn’t make good choices. I never stopped to even think of what I was doing. I shouldn’t have ever had a drink. I … Continue reading I was just barely 16 & still a virgin when I was raped