Ode to Court today, 5/23/2017

As I sit here, next to you 

I think of all these moments of time.
The moments of my life, so long ago.

My life was adventurous.
My life had promise.
My life had excitement of new loves, new experiences.

Not everyone gets to live the high life of fun times in West Hollywood’s clubs
the glamorous who’s-who parties in the Hollywood Hills
the adoration and reassurance of self esteem of someone like 2pac noticing you.

The moments you and I shared.
The relationship and things we shared.
All I can think,
while I sit next to you here in court – how did we get here?

Why did you choose not to be part of your son’s life
with not even a care in the world to make sure he was properly taken care of.
Is all you have to say to me
when you sit down next to me is –

make lemonade


What do you do when life throws you trials and tribulations? You can start off having a great Monday with unlimited possibilities with a new job or with a new love, but then you find yourself by Friday with nothing. Those great interviews you had that you had beaten out countless candidates, whittle to “thank you, but we went with a better suited candidate” and that guy that was what you thought was the best catch for you, also said, “sorry, I’m going to give it a go with this other girl that I have been out with the last two nights”.

So, what is a girl to do? No job. No love or love interest.

What I will do is lay this soul to rest tonight in a tub filled with lavender bath salts and try to wake up early enough to put her big panties on (well, maybe not be panties. Don’t own any), make a cup of Joe (Folgers), and jump on her computer to continue looking for that perfect or perfect enough, great paying job that will let me do what I do best and appreciate and value my strengths.

As far as the guy thing goes, I’ve loved and I’ve lost. I know “HE” will come. I don’t know when, but I’ve waited a long time (and learned) that when he does show up I will be ready to greet him with a gracious glass of  lemonade that has endured lots of trials and tribulations, but didn’t let it affect her or her smile and her twinkle in her eyes.