Book Pics

Emilio Manuel Montero Meyerhuber Great Grandfather Emilio.
Born in London, March 24, 1885. He died in Lima. Owner of the Hacienda. Caucato Alto, several times the Mayor of Pisco, graduate of Mechanical Engineer Peekskill, NY and US Military Academy and Institute Polythechnic Rensselaer, NY.
Married to Dolores Marie Messler, daughter of Abram and Agnes Marie Messler, was born in Philadelphia, died in Lima on August 29, 1918.
Portrayed with Samurai armor bring the same to send to Japan and is now part of the Collection of Arms of Peru’s Gold Museum. Photo taken approx. in 1924 at the Hacienda, Caucato.


Beatriz Lozada I (Grandmother) Beatriz Lozada I (Grandmother).
Possibly at Rievaulx Abbey in England.


The Lozadas. The maternal grandparents. The Lozadas.
The maternal grandparents in their home in Lima.


Me and grandmother
Me and my grandmother in Lima, outside her home.


Christmas in Ohio
Grace at Christmas time in Ohio.


Grace with Duran Duran wallpaper Grace in her room in Houston.
See the Duran Duran wallpaper!


Grace, only high school pic Grace, only high school pic.
Wearing her pearls.


Grace with partially shaved head. Grace with partially shaved head.
At sister’s graduation. Had already dropped out of high school. Such a happy day!


Oxnard days. Oxnard days.
The constant partying has begun!
Grace unhappy     Grace with a gun to her head. Grace with a gun to her head.


Grace, Hollywood days.
Grace, Hollywood days.

Classy Grace

The days in the biz.

Grace photo shoot


Birthday at The Roxbury, 1994. Birthday at The Roxbury, 1994.
Grace at a party in the Hollywood Hills. Grace at a party in the Hollywood Hills.
5 1/2 months pregnant.


Tupac 2Pac’s letter