I’m a writer turned author, photographer, single mom, survivor, and warrior!
I began expressing myself through my photography and writing poetry by the time I was 11. My mother always had professional cameras and I was more of a visual observant than anything, so it was inevitable that I merge the two. With writing, lines just came to me and I felt this need to write them down; maybe it was therapeutic or maybe it was my voice needing to be heard.NEW 2022_3D Book Preview
After many years and a push from a dear friend, I completed my first book, my memoir—Evolving to Grace. I continue to photograph as much as I can because it is something I am passionate about and I continue to write about my struggles, healing, and awareness of being an Adult Child of an Alcoholic and how that has impacted me, how I try to improve my life through wellness (emotional, mental, physical, spiritual), and just about anything I may be thinking about that I’d like to share or am currently dealing with.
Life is not dark anymore as it once was. It hasn’t been easy to change it and change hasn’t happened overnight. My life is very different from my childhood and my early 20’s. I’ve come a long way, but it is all about finding hope, optimism and a positive perspective on things. I’m always looking forward to the endless possibilities I have—places to see and re-see, new things to experience, people to meet, love(s) to have, and definitely more books to write. Next time, possibly fiction.
Life is beautiful!

Evolving to Grace is a memoir about my journey as an ACoA and the perseverance, strength, spiritual evolution, and the choices I knew I had to make to change my path. I share my life’s experiences, my journey—finding my way out of darkness—discovering hope, positivity, strength, happiness and the right path for the life I choose to live. I write about many challenges I’ve had to face and overcome—either due to alcoholism, depression, violence, rape and being a single mother on welfare.

Life can be a roller-coaster ride for some more than others. Mine has been this way. Born into generations of educated, privileged, and successful millionaires, in this memoir I tell a story of how one generation’s downfall due to financial, emotional, and addiction problems had crippling, traumatic effects on everyone around them, including myself. This story is about my journey of how I was going to fight with every fiber of my being, so that I would not follow in the footsteps of others. From very dark times as a teenager where I believed suicide was the only option to later entertaining times in my early 20’s living in the City of Angels, hobnobbing with professional athletes and entertainers. EtG_Chapters_rev_Amazon_2022


I could be labeled many things: illegal, ACoA (Adult Child of an Alcoholic), domestic violence survivor, excessive alcohol and drug user, rape victim, assault victim, hitchhiker, high school dropout, a Hollywood call girl, and single mother on welfare. But, these are just situations I ended up in when I was lost and broken. I’ve learned from my past and I am evolving to find my grace in this beautiful thing we call life. I write to share my experiences with others with the hope that no one, despite whatever situation they may be going through, will never give up. You can change your destiny, your path.


“This is a very powerful story told in an extremely honest and candid fashion by a woman who has been there and back . . . fractured family, drugs/alcohol, running the streets, relationships with celebrities, issues with romantic partners. But mostly I saw this as the story of a woman with all the cards stacked against her who came through, and ultimately triumphed over, adversity. Amazing, Grace!” – Seth Kadish

“Evolving to Grace is inspiring, and heartfelt. Grace reminds you that if she can do it with all that was going against her, you can do it too. For Grace to overcome just one issue is noteworthy- but she has survived so much more. She is remarkable. Evolving to Grace should be required reading for anyone trying to overcome their own personal obstacles and feeling this mountain is too high to climb. Grace will bring you strength.” – Dana P.

“Inspirational memoir showing how perseverance can over come problems that most people would find crippling. The author’s life story shows that we need not be held back by our family, associates or even our own weaknesses. Her success illustrates the teachings of Albert Ellis that the limitations of others need not limit our own aspirations. I highly recommend this unforgettable biography.” – Steven Goldby

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  1. Pretty nice post. I just stumbled upon your blog and wished to say that I’ve really enjoyed surfing around your blog posts. In any case I will be subscribing to your rss feed and I hope you write again very soon!


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