Pre-Graduating Day!!

What a rollercoaster ride of emotions today. I'm experiencing soon one of my happiest and proudest days of my life ~ my son will be graduating from UCLA tomorrow with a Bachelor's degree in Psychology and a minor in Music Industry. It has been one amazing journey to get here with the struggles, disappointments, challenges, … Continue reading Pre-Graduating Day!!

R.I.P. Dad

Rest in peace, Dad (12/9/1933 -12/22/2016) So thankful for who you were and who you evolved to be. "I love you so much, too." My dad was a man who had four girls, me being the youngest. He was a strong, funny, and sometimes quiet man. He was a man who loved football (soccer) and was … Continue reading R.I.P. Dad

Making amends before it’s too late. 

Sorry I have been MIA. I came down to San Diego on Sunday. I had received news that my dad was being put on a ventilator. He had been admitted a few days prior, unfortunately the day before his 83rd birthday. As many of you that have read my book know, I haven't had the … Continue reading Making amends before it’s too late. 

November 14th – 5 years later

It is amazing that it has been 5 years since you went away. I feel like it was yesterday that it was the last time I saw you. We were sitting in my car and you were telling me how hard every morning was because of the disappointment you felt that you let everyone down … Continue reading November 14th – 5 years later

September the 13th

RIP, Lily (25yrs ago) and Tupac (20yrs ago). Such amazing souls and very similar. Enthusiastic, happy, fun loving friends of mine that were appreciative for the moments life was giving them. Lily, you changed my life. Tupac, you said things I needed to hear at a very lonely time. Thank you both for coming into my life … Continue reading September the 13th

LGBT – Love is Love

Right before I became a teenager, I was living outside of Houston. It was the early 80's. My two eldest sisters used to run away from our nightmarish home to downtown, where they used to go and hang out with their friends in the clubs. My parents weren't okay with their friends because most of … Continue reading LGBT – Love is Love

Where I am in my life, for now.

It has been many years since I finished Evolving to Grace. Since then, I’ve come a long way from being that woman that was confused by what life was having her go through. I learned that whatever happens to us or the people that come into our lives are all opportunities for us to learn … Continue reading Where I am in my life, for now.

Who Tupac is to me

There is so much more to what the media said about Tupac Shakur. I was shown a great side of him that I treasure to this day. He was euphoric and it penetrated off of him, onto you. He was more interested about you and what was going on with you, than any of his … Continue reading Who Tupac is to me

Evolving – 1yr. older

As I drove over to Silverlake through downtown L.A. seeing the skyscrapers and mountains in the horizon I thought of every achievement I had accomplished over the years. I had overcome a not so perfect childhood that was intertwined with alcoholism, abuse, and love. I had somehow not let the fact that my virginity was stripped … Continue reading Evolving – 1yr. older

Why “thanks” to Duran Duran

In Evolving to Grace my first dedication is to “DD”- Duran Duran. I wrote briefly in EtG about how I used to listen to their music, dreaming of going on tour with them, photographing them. "MTV had just aired a few years earlier, and punk and New Wave music trends were happening across the country, and … Continue reading Why “thanks” to Duran Duran

A message from me to you

From Me to You, I first started this book twenty years ago after an incident I’d had with my pimp in Hollywood who had worked the streets for ten years before moving the business in-house. It was the night that I first saw how off track my life had veered and I was scared. I … Continue reading A message from me to you