3 1/2 Weeks

As I sit here on the cliff’s edge, overlooking the ocean, I wonder what happened. Was three weeks apart just too long for you to still adore me? Or, did you have time to think?

Getting to know someone isn’t easy, especially when you haven’t had enough time. It’s not always rainbows and sprinkles. As we get older we know what we’re looking for, we know what we’ve been through, and we know what we won’t settle for. But also as we get older, most of the time, we learn that there’s compromise. We understand that people are different are coming from different experiences and a different way of thinking. But if there’s so much compatibility, chemistry and adoration for one another, feelings shouldn’t just go away and dissolve in three and a half weeks?

So, as I sit here on the cliff’s edge, overlooking the ocean, I will stop trying to wonder what happened. I will just go through drifting my days, like the sea’s currents, with the thought and reminder that, things happen but wished they could have worked out.

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I'm passionate about kindness and learning from past mistakes. I'm a photographer, writer, author, survivor, ACoA, and single mom.

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